AGX Orin Dev Power Loss Detection

I am designing AGX Orin Carrie Board, in P3737 VIN Loss Detection Circuit, use OMSEMI NCP301LSN20T1, but this part EOL now, Any suggestions please? or may not need VIN Loss Detection Circuit.

We have no other suggestion on this. Basically you can choose any other similar device for this or make a custom circuit design. The key point is to follow the threshold as listed in the page:

Vth+ = (100k/47k+1)*(2.0+0.1) = 6.56V
Vth- = (100k/47k+1)*2.0V = 6.25V
Vhys = 0.31V

We design use adaptor power only, Is this design necessary?

It is necessary as said in Design Guide.

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