AGX Orin /dev/video3 not work after reboot

i have 8 gmsl cameras, they were working fine at first
yesterday,/dev/video3 not work anymore after reboot,I tested, the cameras are all fine,only /dev/video3 broken, how to fix it?

Suppose it could be HW problem.
You may need more experiment to figure it out.

Just some information about this: The device special files are not real files, they are drivers running in RAM and pretending to be files. The “/dev/video#” files are from the USB video class driver. They simply add a new number as more devices are detected. The implication is that the USB video device was not visible. There are a lot of reasons this might occur, e.g., power consumption, or a cable issue (even a change in cable layout), or timing of connection versus work load. I’ll suggest you monitor “dmesg --follow”, and see what happens if you unplug and replug the USB one at a time. Perhaps it will show up again, or a message difference will be noted with one (do beware that the numbering is not guaranteed).

I add my program in shell:startup, so the program can autostart when login,but sometimes,1 or 2 gmsl camera cannot launch when autostart
if i manually start my program,8 gmsl cameras are always launched successfully

Does help have some delay to launch the program?

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