AGX Orin Developer Kit - Issue with DP port, Wifi

I have been using the AGX Orin development board, running ubuntu 20.04. Everything was working fine, but now suddenly when I start the board there is no display signal in the DP port.
I am able to access the debug terminal through microusb, and I can see the ubuntu successfully loading. I am able to login successfully in terminal. In addition to display, I am also experiencing issue with wifi. I was using wifi earlier without any issues. Now all of a sudden the wifi interface is also not listing. We are using Drive OS 6.0.6

Could someone please assist me with these issues? Thank you in advance.

Why are you using a Drive OS on Orin AGX??? Drive OS is not working on Jetson .

We are using Drive AGX Orin Developer Kit running ubuntu 20.04.


You filed in wrong forum. This is Jetson AGX Orin forum but not Drive.

For DRIVE AGX Orin platform issue, please file your topic at Latest DRIVE AGX Orin/DRIVE AGX Orin General topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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