AGX Orin Developer Kit Won't Enter Recovery Mode

My AGX Orin Developer Kit won’t enter recovery mode, although the light blinks when the kit is connected to power, and I can detect it with lsusb on linux, but I can’t find it on SDK manager.

When the problem occured this was the setup:

  • Power supplied to the Orin through a DC jack from a DC power supply (19V).
  • There was a CAN connection between the Orin GPIO and BLDC motors
  • The motors were connected to another DC power supply

Then a short circuit happened on one of the motor terminals and suddenly the Orin won’t turn on, although the light blinks when the Orin is connected to power, and when I press the power button the light blinks, and I can find it with lsusb, but I can’t enter recovery mode, no method is working, and the SDK manager doesn’t detect the module.

What could be the problem here?

What number do you get with lsusb?

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