AGX Orin DevKit : Virtual Channels and proxy addresses

I am currently facing an issue with enabling virtual channels for two cameras. Here are the components I am using:

  • Serializer: MAX9295
  • Deserializer: MAX9296
  • Imager: AR0820

I have set the proxy addresses for my imagers to 1b and 1c. However, the issue is that both devices are appearing at address 1b as follows:

Below are the logs captured before and after launching the stream and details of the specifics of my devices:
dev0.txt (3.8 KB)
dev1.txt (3.8 KB)
logs.txt (127.5 KB)

For more informations here is my Device Tree :

tegra234-camera-ar0820-a00.dtsi.txt (18.2 KB)
tegra234-p3737-0000-camera-ar0820-a00.dtsi.txt (5.8 KB)

We use:

  • Jetson AGX Orin
  • Jetpack 5.1.3 / L4T 35.5.0

Could you please take a look at the device tree and propose a solution?
Additionally, to launch the stream, i use the command nvgstcapture-1.0 --sensor-id 0 or id 1. Could you confirm if this command is correct for virtual channels as well please?


Maybe verify the capture by v4l2-ctl and get the trace log if failed.


Thanks for the reply.
Here is the output of v4l2-ctl and trace log when i launch the streams.
trace_argus.txt (21.9 KB)

I double check the device tree aswell and here is output :

trace.txt (436.7 KB)

Is it normal to get two phandles in reg<0x1b> comparing to reg<0x1c>? (iam not sure if they are my proxy addresses defined in the device tree) :


Does the trace log the same after modify the reg?
You can print the message in sensor driver to confirm open correct sensor for correct port-index.


Thanks for the answer.
Regarding the reg mentioning on the ports above. I switched to 0x1d and 0x1e instead of 0x1b and 0x1c. Here is the results :

You can find here the trace more in details :

output1.txt (440.1 KB)

For the logs, i checked if it changes the proxy address:

Here is the logs more in details:

nvidia.txt (125.5 KB)