AGX Orin + Forge carrier seems dead

Hello, I had an AGX Orin + Forge carrier running on my table to test long-term stability. Today I came and could not SSH to it. So I rebooted it and it seems completely dead. The Forge carrier turns on a blue LED to signal that power comes in, the fan starts spinning, but that’s it.

The debug microUSB doesn’t show anything in the terminal (but I see it got connected in dmesg).

Connecting a USB-C cable to the OTG port and booting the jetson (both in normal and in recovery mode) results in nothing printed in dmesg, so the device seems to be not communicating at all.

Are there any other things to try before we RMA?


We don’t know what is Forge carrier. Please contact your board vendor for this issue.
Maybe try to reflash the board.

We only accept RMA after you test module over the NV devkit.

Oh, NVidia doesn’t know ConnectTech Forge Carrier? :-D Nevermind, I tested with another carrier board and it seems the problem is indeed in the carrier. I’ll RMA with ConnectTech. Thank you.

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