AGX Orin Hardware Accelerated Encoding/Decoding

We want to use AGX Orin hardware accelerated encoding/decoding feature with PCI Express interface but we want to learn do we have to connect our cameras directly CSI2 interface. Or can we use hardware accelerated encoding/decoding feature even if the camera data comes AGX Orin over PCI Express?

Dear @utkuucar96,
Are you using DRIVE AGX Orin or Jetson AGX Orin?

Actually, it is Jetson. I posted in the wrong place, could you move it or should I post again?

Looks like someone already moved it to the Jetson forum for you.

Hi @utkuucar96,

In general encoding/decoding video should be agnostic of the type of stream source. One option is using GStreamer for that. There is a extensive documentation of hardware accelerated GStremer elements already included in the NVIDIA JetPack BSP. Accelerated GStreamer Guide.

For example asumming there is a V4L2 driver to capture the data through PCI Express then you could use the v4l2src element from GStreamer. Or if you decide to connect the cameras through MIPI CSI and there is also a V4L2 driver, then again you could use v4l2src or nvarguscamerasrc for example.

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Actually, I know that software encoding/decoding is indepent from source. But this situation is still valid for hardware encoding/decoding for Jetson AGX Orin.

Thank you for answer.

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AGX Orin Hardware Accelerated Encoding/Decoding

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