Agx-Orin Hello, could you please help me check the issue of HDMI 4K screen not displaying?

code version :JetPack_5.1
The code modification and configuration are as follows:

It can be displayed normally without connecting to the 4K screen, but it cannot be displayed after connecting to the 4K screen。

Logs not displayed on 4k screen:
log.txt (19.7 KB)
console log :


It looks like EDID failed to get read. This could be hardware problem.

Have you tried other cable and monitor?

Hi WayneWWW
1.Replace the cable
2.The 4k monitor has not been replaced.
3.This 4k monitor can display 4k normally in DP mode.But 4K cannot be displayed in HDMI mode。

那就檢查硬體吧… 不知道你有沒有看懂我前面說的話…

I checked the hardware interface of the device’s hardware board and the way it is connected to the Invida development board is the same


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