AGX Orin Industrial sometimes boots very slowly

We designed a custom carrier board design for AGX Orin Industrial. We’re following the turn-on procedure as well as we understand, but have some issues on some boards. Some boards boot perfectly (i.e. MB1/console output begins <1s after SYS_RESET_N goes high and normal boot follows). Others pull ~0.5A current for usually ~46s after SYS_RESET_N goes high, after which MB1/console output begins and normal boot begins. This issue occurs on industrial and non-industrial modules. Is there something in the jetson boot process that could cause a 45s delay before starting MB1?

We can swap Jetson modules around, and the behavior follows the carrier board, not the Jetson module, though some module/carrier pairings do seem to have issues with different frequencies. The boards are all of the same design/production lot, so presumably the difference between what we’re doing and what is necessary is small.

See attached for our power-up process. This waveform is from a unit with the bad (delayed) boot:
1: 3v3_jaoi
2: SYS_VIN_HV (12v)
3: SYS_VIN_MV (5v)
8: Current clamp at the input to the carrier board

Description: 3v3_jaoi comes up first, followed by HV, MV. Some time later, our microcontroller releases MODULE_POWER_ON then CARRIER_POWER_ON, PERIPHERAL_RESET_N and eventually SYS_RESET_N come up. The big current spike at the beginning is other rails/loads coming up on the carrier board unrelated to the Jetson. The periodic pulses every ~50ms are also unrelated to the Jetson. A successful start-to-boot can be seen as a ~500mA increase in current while the Jetson spends ~3s in MB1. It occurs 46s after power is applied.

Please check if your design has added the pull-down for JAOi as this Topic said.

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