AGX Orin Power profile and consumption

Hi NVIDIA team,

I came across several posts regarding the power consumption of NVIDIA AGX Orin. I summarised my understanding of power consumption and nvpmodel below. Could you please confirm if my understanding is right?

Setting the nvpmodel to say 15W (for Orin AGX 32GB) will limit the power consumption of the overall module to 15W (sum of MV power and HV power) via internal power monitoring. For designing power regulators for HV/MV supply for say 15W mode, The theoretical maximum average current for 12V (HV supply) can be considered as 1.25A and for 5V (MV supply) can be considered as 3A (both don’t co-exist). However, regulators must be able to handle peak currents of up to 9A for HV supply and 6A for LV supply. The values of peak current are based on IDDMAX values provided in the datasheet.

Hi, most are correct. 5.4A is for VIN (20V) on SYS_VIN_HV. 6.0A is for VIN (5V) on SYS_VIN_MV. Actual IDDMAX is dependent on VIN (VINMIN).

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