AGX ORIN SOM Operating and Storage humidity

Hi Team,

We have noticed AGX orin SOM will support the Humidity range as
Operating Humidity: 5% to 85%RH
Storage Humidity: 30% to 70%RH

is it recommended to use the AGX orin SOM at maximum of 95% or 90% RH? because we have the requirement and sometimes Humidity may reaches >90%RH at our environment.

could you please share any recommendations to use the AGX orin SOM during >90%RH

Vignesh M

No, >90%RH is not recommended as above range you paste.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your response. Yes we are also aware of that. We would like to have the suggestions from nvidia to operate the SOM as >90%RH. because our environment may reach >90%RH.

Can you please share the absolute Humidity rating for the same?


As said, >90%RH is not supported. The operating range is 5% ~ 85% RH.

Hi Trumany,

Ok, thanks

Hi Trumany,

is it possible to use the AGX orin SOM at >90%RH while we have the Ambient temperature as +5 to +10 C as maximum?

Is there a known limitation preventing the GPU from operating at higher humidity levels?

Hi Team,

Can i have any updates on this query? Please correct me if i any thing is wrong. As per my understanding, Relative Humidity is depends on Temperature as well (usually is inversely propositional).

That’s why i’m asking, Can we use ORIN SOM at >90%RH while ambient is controlled temperature (i.e, 5 to 10C as max)


As said, >90%RH is not supported. The operating range is 5% ~ 85% RH. We have no recommendation on your use case.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for confirming that RH value of SOM.

We have Tested our ambient Relative Humidity and Temperature for 2days (48Hrs) . From our Test Data, We have the below observation,

  1. Maximum RH Reached at our Environment: 95% RH for 2Hours Continuous time duration
  2. Minimum RH Reached at our environment: 62% RH
  3. Average RH Reached at our environment: 81% RH

Can you please share your comments on our Ambient maximum RH as (95%RH) for maximum time duration of 2 hours is acceptable for AGX orin SOM?

can you please tell us about AGX orin SOM will have any failures if we use in the above environmental Condition?

Vignesh M

Hi @Trumany

Hope you have checked our ambient RH Test Data, which i shared in my previous post.

Can you share your comments on this %RH? Will AGX orin SOM is suitable for this above mentioned RH Value (Average %RH as 81 and it may crosses the limit >85% for duration of 8hours per day)

Vignesh M

Hi @Trumany,

We are waiting for your response. Hope you get a chance to review our test data.

Can we have any update on this?

Vignesh M

It is out of the spec of “The operating range is 5% ~ 85% RH”, and so can not be guaranteed.

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