AGX Orin UPHY Configuration #2

Hi all,
when using Jetson AGX orin module with my customized carrier board, I encountered with a issue about UPHY configuration. My carrier board does not support MGBE, so i want to change UPHY configuration to configuration #2. I want to know where and how to modify the configs. Picture attached describes my hardware utilities about UPHY

and log attached is the output of the orin module with my carrier board.

boot.log (42.1 KB)

This is not yet ready. We will start to support those since jp5.0 GA.

what time will jp5.0 GA release?

Hi, Dear Wayne,

I notice the below 2 lines in Orin Devkit’s normal boot log:

44 [0000.210] I> Task: UPHY init (0x5001b42d)
45 [0000.215] E> UPHY: UPHY lane info table is empty in MB1 BCT.

Is it that means the UPHY assignment/usage has been hard-coded in jp5.0 DP for Devkit?
And bootloader request some of the hard-coded uphy related device (eg. USB3.0/PCIE device, etc.) must reside in the carrier board, otherwise report the fatal error as we encountered show as below log on our customized carrier board attribute to the absent of the hard-coded expected UPHY related device, right?

FATAL ERROR [FILE=platform/drivers/uphy/uphy-tegra234.c, ERR_UID=2251]: start PLL 8 calibration failed

Can we get an answer when jp5.0 GA will be released?

For config #2, please set ODMDATA to ODMDATA=“gbe-uphy-config-0,hsstp-lane-map-3,hsio-uphy-config-16,nvhs-uphy-config-0”; in your board config.

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