AGX Orin webgl enable

I have created an application using vtkjs which returns 3D canvas. the problem is that the rendring in chromium browser is very heavy because webgl is disabled.
In addition, when I check chrome://gpu it says opengl disabled, vulkan disabled and webgpu disabled.
for information I am using jetpack 5.0.1 and the test of this last one with glmark2 works fine and get a score above 5000.
So how can i turn on opengl and webgl in agx orin

It is not supported in Jetpack 5.1. We will check this with our teams and see if there is plan to enable it.

thanks for your answer, i want to know also if it’s supported in jetpack 5.0.2 or not?

No, it is not supported on Jetpack 5.0.2

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