AGX Orin with IMX585 sensor WDR DOL support


we are trying to support WDR DOL 2-frame mode with the IMX585 sensor from FRAMOS.

We are looking at the example documentation with IMX274 sensor provided here.

For calculating device-tree properties, we need information like:

LI, VBP, OB, etc

But those values depend on Frame Identification Method as suggested by the IMX585 DOL application note.
So the question is, which Frame Identification Method Settings are supported by the VI (video input) on AGX Orin for DOL 2-frame?

Is it Virtual Channel or Line Information Output (LI)

IMX585 sensor supports both modes by setting register VCMODE (0x301E):

Example provided for IMX274 sensor uses Line Information (LI).

So, should we configure IMX585 to also use Line Information (LI) instead of Virtual Channel?


Yes, current only support LI to check the long/short exposure frame.


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