AGX pwm pinmux remains unused when attempting to change

Hi all, we are working on outputting a pwm signal from any of the three pwm pins on the 40 pin header, but to our dismay, we have not succeeded. We have followed the instructions on the websites posted in this forum for configuring 40 pin header using the pinmux file using the python tool.

We first select Configure 40‑pin expansion header then press the space key on the pin we want to enable and then select back, then select Export as Device Tree Overlaythen reboot.

However after rebooting and checking the status of the pin, it remains unused. We would gladly appreciate any help as its been affecting us badly. Thank you.

How about you dump the uart log first and see if your overlay is really in use or not?

Thank you Wayne, I am away from work and won’t have access to the Xavier for a few hours,
in the mean time, can you tell me what I should expect and look for in the serial output,
to know if the overlay is in use or not,
and what my next step would be if it is not in use?

*removed for brevity

*removed for brevity

Could you attach your log as text file instead of directly pasting?

It will be more easier to check issue in such way.
If we need more log to attach here, then we just scroll the mouse to death.

Hello, here is the text file.
Log pinmux_agx.txt (128.7 KB)
We also tested the same thing on a second agx and it worked, the difference is that the agx we are getting the issue on has a storage drive on the m.2 slot. Hope this helps narrows it down.

The jetson-io’s change is located in extlinux.conf. And you can search this file name in the log you just shared.

And you will find out why it didn’t take effect.

I found this:

[0014.005] I> Loading extlinux.conf ...                                         
[0014.009] I> Loading extlinux.conf binary from rootfs ...                      
[0014.014] I> rootfs path: /nvme/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf                    
[0014.155] I> lookup_linear_dir:447: Invalid file block num                     
[0014.155] I> ext2_walk:142: 'boot' lookup failed                               
[0014.156] I> ext4_open_file:666: '/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf' lookup failed  
[0014.156] E> file /nvme/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf open failed!!              
[0014.157] W> Failed to load extlinux.conf binary from rootfs (err=202113041)   
[0014.159] E> Failed to find/load /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf   

How do I make it find the correct conf file?
A couple lines before this I notice its booting Using default boot order which starts with sd, usb then nvme, how do I get it to start with the eMMC?
Also, will changing the boot order require use to flash the Jetson thereby removing all of our files?

Do you want to boot from nvme or you want to boot from emmc?

*Update, i worked around this by placing a copy of the files inside of the nvme and it seems to have worked.
found this idea here:

previous post's text before update

We want to boot from the emmc, we have no intention of booting from the nvme, but while booting it seems to attempt to look for the extlinux.conf file inside the nvme and when it doesn’t find it it just defaults and never looks for it in the emmc.

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