Agx start failed

nvidia@localhost:head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

R32 (release), REVISION: 4.3, GCID: 21589087, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Fri Jun 26 04:34:27 UTC 2020

This is my agx release version!
But there is some problem after the connect V7 fpga board test(Transmit video stream to AgX through FPGA)
The agx board start failed,and cannot connected ,the uart message (Reset to recovery mode”) is shown in the following picture.
So i run the brush commond(sudo ./ jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1),but it also failed(usb communication failed,Check if device is in recovery)

i test many times,all failed

Please share your code as text file attached to here…

It is really not very well to share a log like what you are doing now…

Incidentally, if you are using a serial console, then the console itself can save logs of everything done onto the host PC. That’s the best way to provide information since it shows not only the particular failure, but also logs leading up to the failure. It is useful to log the entire boot up until the problem is demonstrated and attach that entire log (which can be searched and is superior to a screenshot, plus easier for you).

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