AGX USB3.0 port only can be recognized as superspeed port

I designed a AGX carrier board which have USB3-0, USB3-2, USB3-3 as host, they have the same hardware deisgn and dts configuration. when I attached a superspeedplus u-disk, USB3-2 and USB 3-3 will recognize this device as superspeedplus (10G), but USB3-0 only can detect a superspeed device (5G), is there anything I need to check to enable 10G capability on USB3-0? thanks.

Can you check if your device-tree has “use-gen1” setting under this usb port?

no this setting, the setting is exactly like the other two ports.
usb3-0 {
nvidia,usb2-companion = <1>;
status = “okay”;
Please help to check , thanks.

Please share full dts, schematic and dmesg.

Solved, please close this topic, thanks for your kindly consideration.

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