Agx xavier change sor0 to hdmi and boot panic when hdmi cable is connected

I want to update jetpack5.0.2 on agx xavier product which is already developed.
There is one hdmi patch for jetpack4.6.

when I use this hdmi patch for jp5.0.2, the result are:
1、the hdmi monitor can be lightened, but boot panic.
2、when there is no hdmi cable, system can boot normally through uart log.

this hdmi patch mainly have:
1、changed to sor0 in tegra194-p2822-disp.dtsi;
2、disable sor1/2 in tegra194-p2822-disp.dtsi;
3、remove the " nvidia,typec-port" in tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi;

This is very puzzled,
please help to analyze and provide some suggest.

The atteched file include hdmi patch and boot panic log for hdmi cable is connected or not.
agx_hdmi.patch (3.2 KB)
uart_agx_hdmi.log (61.4 KB)
uart_agx_nohdmi.log (78.3 KB)

please use jetpack5.1. There is a known issue in jp5.0.2.

thanks to this important info.
I will check this question at jetpack 5.1

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