AGX Xavier CPU Performance

Hello everyone,

We have a project that we are considering using AGX Xavier for.

Due to the large number of OpenCV processes involved in the project, CPU performance is as important to us as the GPU performance.

I am asking for comparison. Using Jetson AGX Xavier, can we get performance as if using Intel i7 or i9?

What can we do if there is a huge performance difference between the two cases (AGX CPU performance vs Intel i7, i9 performance) ?

Should a PC-based system be installed and integrated with Jetson AGX Xavier?


I don’t know if any benchmark tool can be used to do the CPU performance comparison between Jetson AGX Xavier with Intel i7, i9, I only have below inference or video processing results as your reference, you also need to consider the balance between power comsumption and perforamce.

NVIDIA Rises in MLPerf AI Inference Benchmarks | NVIDIA Blogs

Jetson Xavier benchmarks: jpeg, jpeg2000, demosaic, denoise, resize |

Jetson Benchmarks | NVIDIA Developer

Not sure what’s your use case for “Should a PC-based system be installed and integrated with Jetson AGX Xavier?”, you may also refer to NVIDIA Clara AGX | NVIDIA Developer

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