AGX Xavier Custom Board Boot ON

Hello, We are testing our custom board with AGX Xavier.
AGX Xavier was flashed on Dev Kit.

The custom board is failed to boot and there is no output on Debug UART.
So, we checked Power Block and Sequence.
We are not using MCU and we didn’t design ACOK circuit on our custom board.
Anyway, we can see CARRIER_PWR_ON to set HIGH when we put in the POWER.

I want to check before design ACOK circuit.
Despite of no ACOK circuit, CARRIER_PWR_ON is sat to HIGH is correct??
It makes me to get confused.

Not quite understand your question. You can check the full power on sequence and compare to that listed in Design Guide to make sure every related signals are following the requested timing.

Actually, This board is designed from our customer.

  1. They don’t use MCU.
  2. They didn’t design ACOK
  3. They put in the power directly without any timing control manually.

I already saw those documents what you said.
So, I told them it should be design ACOK circuit for timing and I explained.
But they want to check the status before design ACOK circuit.
Because they saw CARRIER_PWR_ON signal is sat to HIGH from module.
They think it means the power sequence run as correctly in the Module.

The point is if i see CARRIER_PWR_ON is high, could I judge power is run as correctly or not??

Please, don’t care about it anymore, it’s solved.
They tried to delay MOUDLE_POWER_ON manually.
And It works.

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