AGX Xavier does not power on from barrel jack

Hi there,

I recently bought a Jetson AGX Xavier and ever since I bought it I have been powering it through one of the USB-C ports.
The other day I needed the USB-C power brick for another device so I tried the original LiteOn 19v power supply that comes with the Xavier and to my amazement the Xavier did not power on. I measured the LiteOn power supply and it does provide stable 19v to the Xavier, so I suspect there’s something wrong with the Xavier itself.
Does the Xavier need a jumper connection like the Nano to switch between USB-C and Barrel power supply, or did I get a faulty Xavier?
The strangest thing is that I have no problem at all powering from USB-C. Unfortunately I only have a single USB-C 60+W power supply.

No jumper needed for DC/USB-C switching. It should be work thru DC port unless something broken. If you have hardware knowledge to debug, you can probe some components (like pin1 of J2 or R30/R23) on carrier board to check if 19V is really connected. Also you can probe the signal DC_IN_GATE_CCG4_CTRL to confirm it is low to enable power path. You can get the schematic of carrier in DLC.

If you have no such knowledge to debug, you can run RMA for it.

Thanks for the info. It was most helpful.

I checked pin 1 on J2 and I do get 19v on it. Then I checked both R30 and R23.
On R23 I get 19v before and 9.5v after, so it seems good.
On R30 I get 19v before and 0 after, so I suppose R30 is faulty and the whole reason for my troubles.

I guess I will just buy one of these

And use my LiteOn power supply over USB-C