AGX Xavier for LPDDR4X 4266Mbps test


We’d like to test our LPDDR4X samples use AGX Xavier.
Our LPDDR4X information:
chip density: 8Gb(1GB, 2channel&32bitDQ), 4Gb(512MB, 2channel&32bit DQ), 4Gb(512MB, 1channel&16bit DQ), 2Gb(256MB, 2channel&32bit DQ), 2Gb(256MB, 1channel&16bit DQ).
package: lpddr4x 200ball

1.If AGX Xavier support our lpddr4x chip density?
2.If AGX Xavier’s CPU support our test, we’d like to design a board that only have 1 lpddr4x on board. Can you provide the hardware design guide, reference hardware schematic and PCB layout, and cpu datasheet for us?

Jetson Xavier is a module for custom design, we only provide the design guide and reference design package of carrier board which you can find in DLC. No chip level design support.