AGX Xavier IIC transfer timed out

Hello, we have an IIC question need to ask.

We are using Jetson AGX Xavier, JetPack 5.1.3, Jetson Linux 35.5.0 for BSP.

We operate the i2c@3160000 controller separately and we can measure the expected waveforms using an oscilloscope.
The blue line is SDA and the yellow line is SCL.

When we do frequent communication to the IIC devices under i2c@c240000 and i2c@c250000 (6ms for one communication operation).
At this time, the i2c@3160000 controller will not be able to communicate normally, when communicating with the devices under the i2c@3160000 controller, the SDA is always pulled down and the SCL is always pulled up, thus reporting the i2c transfer timed out.

The related dmesg printout is below:

[ 335.054979] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C transfer timed out
[ 335.060116] uih,lt6911uxe 46-002b: i2c_wr: writing register 0xe0ee from 0x2b failed
[ 335.166960] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C transfer timed out
[ 335.167435] uih,lt6911uxe 46-002b: i2c_rd: reading register 0xe096 from 0x2b failed
[ 335.270988] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C transfer timed out

Hi, please show which I2C ports (I2C1/2/3…) you tested, and how you do that. The waveform looks not good enough. Seems the capacitance is too much and cause the rising edge not good.

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