AGX Xavier is getting restart after shutting down from OS

Hi I have an AGX Xavier with custom carrier board X221 (Rev4, Auvidea). I have a problem about shutting down AGX. I power AGX from LiPo battery or power jack when I command shutdown, sudo shutdown now, shutdown -P now etc… It closes itself and in carrier board red led blinks in sec then it starts again and I see desktop. I want it to close completely and don’t want make it restart again. Because I cannot touch AGX it will be in the robot.
I search smilar problems in forum almost all of the devs want serial console log, I don’t know how to do. Then I searched it in X221’s manual tech. There was a some infos about power ( it is general power I don’t know how to specify) :
X221 (Rev 4) , Also carrier board doesn’t have remote power control.
Totally, my hands are tied. If there is any idea, or solution I will be appreciate.

Have a nice day!


I would suggest to contact Auvidea first since this is their custom board. We don’t know if they have any issue in this part.

Moreover, we don’t even know if they keep a pin there to dump uart log. Please be aware that, if this is custom board, I don’t have the information either.

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