AGX XAvier mounting

Hello everyone, I am looking for the physical specifications of the Jetson AGX Xavier.

I would like to know :

  • The type of mountings available
  • The mounting screw type
  • Where those screws are located on the development kit.

I didn’t find anything in the download section. Thanks a lot !

Hi, why do you want these spec? The screws are with dev kit only, not for sale in separate. The screw holes info are in the module datasheet and thermal design guide in DLC.

Hello and thanks for your message, BTW I made a mistake, I’m talking about the ’ DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit’ My company aquired one and we are currently investigating the mounting options in our car.

Thanks a lot if you can help ! :)

Please file the question to Drive part of forum. Here is for embedded Jetson.