AGX Xavier NIC adaptation

I used NVIDIA’s official AGX Xavier carrier card, There is only one network port. I want to expand one network port. Does the AGX module have an adapter table for network cards?
I want to use REALTEK’s RTL8111 . Has the AGX module software driver been integrated into the system?

This is a “general” reply, not specific, but what you want is probably easy to succeed with. The Realtek drivers in particular tend to be available by default because the chipset(s) are so common in default kernels. The tools to verify are easy to use.

To see the entire list of what a given kernel has available (on a running Jetson) can be seen via:
zcat /proc/config.gz
…or with a pager:
zcat /proc/config.gz | less

Depending on the particular Realtek driver, it may be that several chipsets are supported by a single driver. I can’t verify it, but I saw notes in a Google ssearch suggesting the “CONFIG_R8169” option would also work with the RTL8111. To that extent you can filter the above search for this:
zcat /proc/config.gz | grep 'R8169'
…for which I see on one system this is already present:
(the “=y” means the driver is directly integrated in the kernel; an “=m” would mean it is in the form of a module which can load on demand)

This is such a common chipset it seems highly likely you wouldn’t need to do anything for it to work (at least not from the driver standpoint…you would still perhaps have to tell the setup software to use the NIC, though if using DHCP even this seems likely to not need more setup). Mostly the trick is to research the kernel “CONFIG_...some feature...” used, and then see if it is present in config.gz.


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