Agx Xavier OTG error on our self-developed loading board

We use AGX Xavier to work on our self-developed carrier board. When using the Jetpack 4.6.2 version before, each interface can work normally after changing the device tree file. Now I want to upgrade to the Jetpack 5.0.1 version, but change After the same content as before, it was found that the OTG function was abnormal.

The attachment is the device tree file corresponding to Jetpack5.0.1,
y-c8-c9-agx-xavier-3411.dts (459.4 KB)

To add to this,
When the modified content of my device tree file is exactly the same as that of Jetpack 4.6.2, the system will report a phy matching error. Attached is the device tree file of Jetpack4.6.2.
y-c8-c9-agx-xavier-3272.dts (361.5 KB)

Following this is the dmesg log of when the device tree changes are exactly the same.
change_same_device_tree.log (78.5 KB)
The error message is as follows

[    8.652540] tegra-xusb-padctl 3520000.xusb_padctl: failed to setup XUSB ports: -517

Following this is the dmesg log without the following error message. However, at this time, when plugging and unplugging the line of the OTG interface, the system log has no response.
otg_error.log (103.0 KB)

r35.1 is going to be released soon. Please try the release once it is delivered.

And after modifying the device tree, please remember to copy the self-built dtb/dtbo files to replace the original files before flashing the system.

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