AGX Xavier powers on instantly and then shut downs, constantly

Hello to everyone,

Recently I connected AGX Xavier with a lipo battery that provides power to other sensors as well (20watt in total). When I started the experiment, the battery was full. The connection is basically one cable, from the battery to the AGX Xavier. There are not any other connectors or adjustable devices between them.
After using AGX Xavier for 20 minutes more or less, suddenly it stopped working. I checked the battery and it everything is fine. Then I tried to connect it with its own power supply. Now Xavier powers up for a moment with the light flashing instantly and then powers down. Also, it’s providing power to its connectors (HDMI, USB etc.). Is it possible that a lipo battery ( can burn or some how damage the Nvidia Agx Xavier carrier? Or the AGX itself? Could be the software? I think if it was the software probably it will pop up a message saying there isn’t any boot device etc… Does anyone have any advise on this? Please if you need more info I can provide with, ask me.

Thank you in advance,

The battery won’t damage the unit. The voltage is well within tolerance. Some other loads may however make the supply unstable (though inductive loads could cause damage) right at the moment of power on (we’re talking very short spikes in voltage right at power on) and cause problems. Perhaps something did corrupt memory. If you connect the micro-B USB from the Jetson to a host machine, and try to put the Xavier in recovery mode, does the host machine show the Jetson via the command “lsusb -d 0955:7019”? If so, then you should be able to flash.

If not, then you may have hardware failure. Recovery mode is a rather basic mode not requiring a lot of software. Being able to reach this mode is mandatory if you want to flash the Jetson, and if persistent memory is corrupt, then probably you have to flash again.

Thank you very much for your reply. We tried many times to put Xavier in recovery mode with no luck. I don’t know what do in case of corrupted memory or something else. I will try to contact nvidia’s support/sales team. Thank you again for your help.


If recovery mode fails, then you have actual hardware failure.