AGX Xavier USB

I would like to ask whether the factory default operating system of the AGX module is adapted to the carrier card of the development kit?
For the carrier card we made ourselves, the USB interface is directly led to the connector. The official carrier card USB interface uses a chip(TYPE-C full-function chip). We use the factory-configured AGX module. The USB interface does not work properly, and the operating system needs to be changed.
I would like to ask how can I directly use the USB interface without changing the operating system (connect the USB interface directly to the TYPE-A connector)

Hi there! I hope you don’t mind if I redirect you to the AGX Xavier specific sub-forum? That will surely help you find the assistance you need.


Hi @13940204662
Are your questions on Jetson or DRIVE?

Guessing this is Jetson AGX Xaavier related issue, moving to Jetson forum. Thanks

  1. Flashing the board does not require any defalut OS running. But the usb0 must be designed to be able to run with usb device mode. You can check the product design guide document.

  2. The default configuration flashed from Jepatck is only for the devkit. If you want to change to any other kind of usb port or adding/removing usb port, then device tree changes are required. There is no method to just make it work without changing anything.

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