AGX Xavier using nvme ssd will wait a long time when booting

Hi, Nvidia
I used m.2 nvme ssd solid state drive on our custom carrier board, its model is Samsung 980.
I found that when I plugged it into the carrier board, AGX Xavier would keep refreshing the same message when it was turned on, and it would not turn on for a long time, but after powering on again, occasionally it would enter the system normally. I’d like to ask you experienced guys to help me troubleshoot this issue, it’s really bugging me.
The related dmesg log is below, please help to check
Many thanks
log.txt (184.8 KB)


This log does not provide any helpful info. I can only see it seems some peripherals are not working.

Please dump it from UART log.

please look new log.txt, it from UART log.
log.txt (550.3 KB)

I am not sure if this is just another issue with boot order again.

Are current boot kernel and dtb the ones you expected to gets loaded here? Currently, boot order is sd->usb-> nvme ->emmc.

So how should I modify the current default boot order?


Could you share the log where you don’t insert the SSD and let me check if this is really related to boot order?

Hi, WayneWWW
Thank you for your quick reply, I have taken down the ssd now, and got the corresponding boot log using UART, it is the following file, please help to check.
thank you very much.
no_ssd_log.txt (67.4 KB)

ok. Looks like related to boot order. Your kernel log is even gone…

Please refer to " Choosing a Boot Device for Jetson AGX Xavier Series Platforms" section in below docuemnt.

hi, WayneWWW
According to the content of the document, I need to flash the updated cbo.dtb to the system, can you tell me the command to flash this file separately, I don’t want to completely re-flash the system, it will waste a lot of unnecessary time.
thank you for your support.

sudo ./ -r -k CPUBL-CFG your_board_config mmcblk0p1

hi, WayneWWW
Thanks a lot for your help, this issue is now resolved!.

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