AGX Xavier with Auvidea X221 // not working wi-fi modules

Hello .

Couple days ago while we’r testing our prototype , Li-Po battery suddenly dropped off and NVIDIA shut down it’s own wi-fi connection. After restarting the AGX i’ve lost the wi-fi connection and no longer see the modules from Ubuntu. Still i can connect internet via ethernet. We control the voltage values of wi-fi modules which are LM823 and we observe that they have all (D+,D-,VCC,GND ) voltage measurements. After we tried to setup AGX many times with different compatible Jetpack versions. I’ll attach the log files below. Could anyone have any idea about my issue.
rfkill_list.txt (63 Bytes)
network.txt (1.4 KB)
dmesg.txt (69.3 KB)
dmesg_usb.txt (5.9 KB)


i have the same issue

So you mean that was working normally until the device suddenly shut down due to Li-Po battery dropped off?

There could be HW problem, you may contact with Auvidea how to recover it.

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