AGXi cannot start up after long time running

Our AGXi can not start up after long time running.
The carrier board is designed by ourself, and it has been produced more than 100 sets. All device power up successfully when it is not hot. If the module is not very hot, it can be re power on fluently. Howerer, if we re power the device after long time running and the module is very hot, there will be no carrier_power_on output. After waitting for some time and the device is not so hot, it will start up successfully. All our device have the same problem.

  We have designed discharge circuits. I don't think it is the discharge circuits results this,because it can power on succssfully if the module is not hot.

Could you help to analysize what results this problem? Is it because the module is very hot or other causes?
Thanks for your help

On most of these cases that AGXi cannot start up , the temperature of the moudle is around 65-75 degrees. After it is cool down, the module can operate normally. Does it has any relationship with temperature?

I can only ask you to test it on Xavier AGX devkit so that we can clarify whether it is software or hardware problem.

Thanks for your reply. I will make more test on devlit.

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