AGXi doesnt boot with custom carrier card which works fine with AGX module

We have developed a carrier board and are making use of Jetson AGX module. Our expectation is that AGXi should directly boot as we do with AGX module.
But I get some kernal trace logs as attached.
Kindly let me know the part to look into.
I have attached the working log too.

AGX 32Gb Boot 20220825 (54.2 KB)
AGX Industrial - Boot Issue on PWR BTN press 20220825 3 (84.7 KB)

Can you try with AGX devkit carrier board? Reflash it with our SW to see if can work.
You can go to ~/nvidia on your host machine and find out the Linux_for_Tegra for t194, and then run command

sudo ./ jetson-agx-xavier-industrial mmcblk0p1

Please remember to put the device into recovery mode before running the command.
Share me the log if error happens.

Or you may refer to below topic if it’s similar issue: Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Boot Up Issue - #20 by emrerrdhx

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