AI Assistant Learning Robot

Hello there,
Im a newby and have set myself an ambitious project of building an AI Assistant robot using the skeleton of a Q.Bo one robot (long story but doesn’t work anymore-fried breakout board I was going to replace but decided to really give it an upgrade with an Orin 8gb as I wanted a deep learning assistant).

I want to connect up the peripherals to my Jetson Nano Orin 8gb Developers kit and are needing a bit of help;

Id like to connect the facial recognition cameras, Dynamixel 360 servo motors, 20+1 LED Board (for mouth leads will light up, upon feedback), touch sensors, ReSpeaker 4-mic, hooked into a Bang & Olfsen Beolit 12 speaker (via USB). In order to connect the above peripherals what would I need? (Beolit, Respeaker and camera are all USB) however the servos have a 3 pin connector (pressure (+/-/Signal) (2 servos linked to one). The LED control board comes with a 14 line cable ribbon (forgive the description). Any help would be much appreciated :)