AIAA - Application startup failed

I am able to run the Getting Started notebook according to here: clara-train-examples/PyTorch/NoteBooks at master · NVIDIA/clara-train-examples · GitHub.

I am trying to run the AIAA notebook in AIAA folder.
However when I run command “AIAA start -w /claraDevDay/AIAA/workspace/ --engine AIAA”, I encounter the error of
ERROR - Download failed from to /tmp/tmpmlmpaxsy/dcmqi-1.2.4-linux.tar.gz.

I am suspecting there is no internet in clara train sdk docker image. May I know how do I solve this?

Thanks for trying clara train.
Are you launching the docker using the in the scripts folder ? you may want to change the network mapping as


You could install ping and try pinging out to google to confirm your docker can’t access the internet
Hoe that helps


Thank you for your suggestion.
I have added in

network_mode: host

into the docker-compose.yml.
Apparently it does not work with the port binding, so I would also need to remove the port binding part.
Now the docker is able to access the internet and AIAA is running.

The only drawback is now I am unable to use the port binding for the docker anymore.

Ok then you may not need the port binding. All the port does is map ports to other ports on the host. Not the docker have full access to the host network.
you should be fine as long as you launch the commands and add the port you would like.

So AIAA should have a port option --port that you can change to whatever you like as in Getting Started — Clara Train SDK v4.1 documentation