AIAA server response error 102 in MITK workbench

I am using MITK workbench and have connected to the AIAA server (ubuntu, NVIDIA docker) . The server seems to run correctly. I have loaded two models clara_ct_seg_liver_and_tumor_no_amp
When I acces http://<AIAA_ip>:5000/v1/models both models appear.
when I load dicom images the server starts to Run the segmentation model. I can see the progress in the logs (http://<AIAA_ip>:5000/logs/?lines=-1).
After some time I get the response

description: Failed to parse AIAA Server Response

In the logs it does not appear any error. The last line is
After Segmentation request removing temporary files…
Can you please help me out with this?
Any ideas ?
I have thsi problem for a few days and I cannot find a solution!