AIAA, should be 2 or higher.

You have stated that the version of AIAA should be 2 or higher(, howerver, i can not find a model meets the cretiria use the command as follow.

ngc registry model list nvidia/med/*

Is there a v2.0 model for annotation? Or do i have to convert by my self according to

Sorry, i didn’t read the model description carefully. Every model has a ‘Compatibility’ description like this,
This model is only compatible with Clara Train SDK v2.0 and will not work with v1.1 and v1.0.

Hi for annotation models,

If you like, the “network” itself can be reused.
Just the pre/post transforms need to be changed.

Please take a look at config_aiaa.json in here:

For all our previous released annotation models in v1.x,
you just need to use this same config,
but change “labels” and “descriptions”
then it should work.

Note that this only works in AIAA (that is for inference)
If you want to do re-train/transfer learning the old model will not work.