Aiming Faster in Games with Low Computer System Latency

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Figure 1. A screenshot from our experimental FPS game, called First Person Science. Players must aim at and click on the green targets to eliminate them. Competitive gamers play games to win and get most of their enjoyment from doing well. In fact, the entire field of esports is based on this style of play,…

Hey everyone, I’m really glad we’ve been able to share this post with you. For anyone looking to do similar work, I want to point out that we have published the software and source code for First Person Science on github. Let me know if you have any questions!

How do I set up my computer to know I have around 12 ms & 20 ms latency?. And what scenario in the Kovaak do I need to play. From my experience durring actual multiplayer FPS, its about situation awareness & team communication. And long time player experience, and thinking outside the box of the computer and game. Some may refer to it as pree aim and ghost kill. For most like actual eSports team in any game titel how they achive this high aiming skills/awareness is most likely the their secrete sauce. I guess hardware specifications have a good part to play in that.

The Kovaak scenarios are still in progress. We’ll have more to say about that in the future.

It is true that situational awareness and team communication are very important parts of competitive games. However, your individual performance still matters, and we’ve found evidence here that your system latency gives a larger impact on your response time than just the latency alone.

In terms of how to measure the latency of your computer, the Reflex Latancy Analyzer that will be available in some upcoming 360 Hz G-SYNC monitors. If you’re a game developer, the Reflex SDK will give you the ability to measure and control some parts of your system latency. If you’re a bit of a maker, you could also build your own latency analyzer like we’ve done.

Ah ok thanks I thought the device you made was something you could buy seperate from the reflex suported screens. Thank for the answer, Im still waiting for screen to come to shop in my place. But thanks for the good answer.