Alienware m15x + Nvidia 765m

Hello! I installed in my Alienware m15x non-stock video card Nvidia 765m. When I trying to boot i have monochrome screen with static random color. I think that this is due to the fact that in 765m there is a built-in sound card that conflicts with the built in Alienware m15x. When i disable in BIOS integrated in laptop sound card - boot normaly, but without sound.
In Windows I “fixed” it like this:

  1. Disable onboard sound.
  2. Installed drivers on Nvidia
  3. I turned on the sound in BIOS and booted into safe mode
  4. Installed drivers for the built-in sound
  5. Disabled all devices in the “sound” category in the device manager.
  6. Boot into full windows
  7. Turned on the built-in sound, got a monochrome screen.
  8. Hiberned the laptop by pressing the button
  9. Awakened the laptop and everything worked

I tried to do this in Linux, but I did not succeed :(

Sorry for bad english.