All Audio2Face file save options are greyed - how do I save my working setup?

What are the possible reasons why the file save and save as -options would be grayed. I have it now all working and tested, but seems I can not save the whole setup. Is there a possible reason I could fix without doing all the detailed work again? I have not found any place in the manual, no mention anywhere about saving my work in Audio2Face. I am gratetful for all suggestions.

Hello @risto! I am so sorry! I’ve alerted the devs. Could you give me some information about your system environment?

  • Operating System
  • GPU / GPU Driver

Also, if you could grab a log from C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2face It might contain the reason why this is happening.

Hi, and thanks for responding. I am not presently on site and can not supply all information. But OS is Windows 11, the system has 2*RTX 3090 and I am pretty sure I am using the latest studio driver. I did solve the problem in a way. I selected to create a new setup, and the system then asked if I wish to save. I told yes and tested afterwards - it seems I managed to save. I still do not know why the file → save -options all were grayed, but when I opened the saved stage, they were not grayed. And :-) I have both A2F and A2G now functioning with iClone8, just need to finetune my lips so that they come together in proper places. A rap animation produced completely by Omniverse AI from voice - YouTube