All pages give Access Denied error

I just registered for an NVidia Developer Zone account.

Now all pages, including the home page, and the user verification page give the error:

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.22f2645f.1392487221.481b479

Same for me :/

Same for me. Why can’t I post? I always get: - Access Denied
Error code 15
This request was blocked by the security rules

Why did this post go through but not my others?

The site has fairly aggressive rogue content detection. It’s possible that something in your other posts was detected as objectionable content, and the access denied error is the outcome of that.

I just tried again but this time I logged in with an Incognito Tab in Chromium.

Now I can post without issues.

There’s something wrong with this form and Chromium cache/auth or something…

Have the same problem, trying to create the first post

There is a security system in place that might be causing your issue. If it is your code causing the error, I suggest posting it as an image.

It turned out it was because the post (or the title) was too long. I just created the topic with half of the title/main body, then edited the rest of the content in place.

I’m glad you solved it!