All downloaded files are gone and unable to login

I have read the similar issues about somehow changed password which is not “ubuntu” but, the difference in my TX1 is that all installed Caffe Convolution Neural Network libraries and downloaded image data are gone.
I had no problems in installing Jetson L4T, Caffe, and related dependencies.

I checked it was working in the morning today and now nothing inside, even “/home/ubuntu/Download” folder is gone.

I would like to give more information but, I was just running Caffe CNN framework with nvprof for more than 3 days long.
I have gotten GPU data using nvprof so far successfully, but from today afternoon I couldn’t access from outside due to invalid password.
Just possible to do 1st login without typing password right after reboot.

I would like to know if there were similar cases and what would be the best thing to do.
Do I go for factory setting to restart from the clean status?

Please, give me any comments and/or advice.
I will provide more details for requested items.


The “ubuntu” account and the default “ubuntu” password are standardized and everyone in the world knows them. If your Jetson was visible to the outside world without some form of firewall or at least a router which does not allow incoming connections then there is an extreme risk of an outside malicious attack being the cause (this can happen within minutes of install due to constant malicious port scanning looking for weaknesses). The “ubuntu” password really must be changed if the Jetson is to be visible to the outside world over the Internet.

Is there any chance your Jetson was accessible to the outside world over networking? If not, it could be an eMMC failure. You might dig around in logs within “/var/log/”.

Thanks a lot for your comment.
I have been reading the log files, but couldn’t find some clues on hacking so far.

Any how, because I setup my router to do port-forwarding to be accessible from outside, I think you are correct.
It was totally my fault.
So, I should figure out how the hacker ruined my TX1, but it will takes time and might have hidden problems.

For repairing the TX1, what would you recommend in this case?
I would like to go back to the factory status, if it is possible.
One more advice, please.

Thank you so much.
I really appreciate your quick and insightful response.

I would just flash it with R23.2 (which is in JetPack 2.1 if you wish to use JetPack…I personally just download driver+sample rootfs and ignore JetPack since I have Fedora host…in the end this may be the simplest flash if all you want to do is restore to factory status).

Be sure to change that default password! I’ve personally logged crack attempts within 30 seconds of finishing an install, prior to even updating packages (not for Jetson, but other Linux installs). Long ago, a week after I got a new job working on enormous amounts of financial data, I got a spoofed email supposedly from myself that I was going to ban myself if I didn’t update my personal details…they’ll do anything and the malware attempts are automated/relentless so nothing would surprise me if your system was hacked within seconds of bringing it up (in the financial data job I fortunately did not have to discipline myself or ban myself…although everyone in the room had a good laugh at me chewing myself out since I was the one doing the security work :P). Before that Jetson ever gets opened up to the internet, be sure to change the password.