All I need is the kit, keyboard and mouse and monitor, no Linux laptop required?

I’m 99% sure but would like confirmation. Thanks

Hi bonosa,

You will need a laptop to help you flashing the device at least, and might need it to install those required SDK/tools on it for application developing.

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Thanks kaycc. I have a windows laptop to flash the iso with. I read that you can install JetPack directly on the nano. That has everything I need except pyCuda. What tools do you mention?

There are remote visual profiling and debugging tools that run on an x86_64 Ubuntu PC, Nsight Compute and Nsight Graphics.

These aren’t strictly required, and you can just use your Windows laptop to flash the SD card for Nano if you do not need them. Some developers also cross-compile their applications or Linux kernel from an x86_64 Linux PC, but again this is optional and you can use Nano standalone if desired.

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