All supported frequency of GPU and DLA


I have realized that I can limit the maximum frequency of GPU and DLA by create customized power models in /etc/nvpmodel.conf. But I wonder where can I find a table of all supported frequencies of the DLA and GPU? I have found a post that asks exactly the same question here for DLA, but the answer to it is confusing. I believe such freq table exists. Could you provide it here? Thank you very much!

This is not an answer but this might help.

For GPU, you can get the range from sudo jetson_clocks --show. Note that jetson clocks may give different results depending on current NVP model.

You may also find information from sysfs, especially in /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk, such as for example:

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nafll_gpu/max_rate
sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nafll_dla/max_rate

You may investigate for the range you’re looking for and for minimum increments if any.

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