All the Switches and CVARs for nvRTX


I wanted use nvRTX but I wanted to double-check that I had everything enabled. These are the CVARs and Project Settings that I’ve set. Does anything else need to be enabled for Ray Reconstruction or anything else?

I don’t believe that Ray Reconstruction is functional yet in the latest version of UE NVRTX.

Hope someone from NVIDIA will chime in, but I’m assuming that when it’s functional, you’ll have to set the Sampled Lighting Denoiser to 0 or 1 (0 disables the NRD denoiser, and 1 uses the “default” denoiser of the renderer), then enable DLSS RR, and set the DLSS DenoiserMode to 1. Currently RTXDI/Sampled Lighting works together with the NRD denoiser, but its possible that Ray Reconstruction might replace that denoiser.


What LRPLighting says is correct, Ray reconstruction is still in limited early access. But as soon as it is officially released as part of the public github or the DLSS SDK the documentation will also cover the interaction with denoisers and other settings of DLSS and ray tracing.

Overall the settings look ok to me joe.raasch, they will of course depend on what you want to achieve in your project. Most of the CVARs are also detailed in the documentation in the github repo and the documentation that is part of the DLSS plugin download for Unreal.