All usb port not work


today one of my Xavier NX device got problem that all USB port not work, and yesterday it still work and it’s already work well for more than one month

and when I check lsusb, I found all usb keyboard, mouse, hub etc didn’t show up.

when I check the dmesg, I found all usb hub. mouse not found too during boot up. And there is a message I didn’t see it before
[ 10.138500] kernel: tegra-xusb 3610000.xhci: entering ELPG done
what’s the ELPG mean? will it be the reason of this issue?

here is the full dmesg log
dmesg (67.8 KB)

It tries to enumerate USB devices after initializing the rootport. And no devices are detected/enumerated, and then it enters low power mode. From the description, it seems to be a hardware issue and probably the embedded hub is broken. Would suggest re-flash the system image and check if it works. To try the case with clean-flashed system image.

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