Allied Vision Camera - requesting python 3.7

Hi all,

I am needing to buy a Camera for my project. I contacted Allied Vision support centre and they are offering me a variety of cameras that “could work” for the Jetson-Nano, but they flag that Python 3.7 is a must now to give me support of they products, because they are using VimbaPython. Here is the prerequisits:

However, Allied Vision sent me a Camera MAKO G-319 (I know that is not in the NVIDIA supported list) for testing with documentation.

I successful installed the Vimba Viewer and I have live image, but to use it with python the 3.7 is needed.

I am reading about how can I upgrade Python3.6.9 from JP4.5 to Python 3.7 but is not supported. Even upgrading it I will need opencv and other packages.

Allied Vision support team said that all the cameras are using now VimbaPython.

So the question is: how you guys (NVIDIA) used Allied Vision cameras listed in your supported link with python?


Please consult with vendor directly. I think we don’t have provide any python script it could be the user implement base on the gstreamer pipeline.

Hi @ShaneCCC,

Thanks for your reply.
I talked with them but they said the same. To use they cameras now python 3.7 is a minimum requirement.

I tried to upgrade Python 3.6.9 to 3.7, but after running this command:

sudo update-alternatives --config python3

the terminal and software updates stop working…

Reading other post, related to upgrade it and why is needed has been discussed before and still open.

Not sure if you guys (NVIDIA) can suggest what to do, because clearly Allied Vision can not.


I just try to install by the apt-get install python3.7 successfully.
My BSP is J4.5(r32.5)