Allied Vision issue


Does anyone have experience using allied vision usb cams? I have the 1800-507c usb right angle with c mount.

Allied vision has a gstreamer plugin called vimbasrc. I cannot get this to work with gstreamer. I am getting an error of “host does not support 4:4:4”.

When I run v4l2-ctl --list-devices I get /dev/video0 does not exist.

Does anyone have experience getting this up and running in gstreamer? Do I need an adapter board?

They said v4l2 compatible online, which is why I spent so much money on each of them.

We support UVC by default, so if the USB cameras support UVC, it should be automatically detected. If you plug in it to type-A port on Xavier developer kit, are you able to see it be enumerated and log is shown in dmesg?

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