Already used Jetson TX2 does not turn on (red light present)

I have been using a Jetson TX2 dev kit a couple of times. I turned it off a few days ago and removed the power supply. Today, I re-plugged the power supply and the red light appeared but it doesn’t turn on. I cannot force recovery too. I also tried to rapidly tap the power-on button a few times in a row

Do you have any idea how to fix this? I have some data on it also.

Thank you very much in advance

Unless recovery mode can be reached there isn’t any way to clone. If there is a hardware failure, then there is a reasonable chance that the failure is in the carrier board, and not in the module. If that is the case, then a clone could be produced. Many people do not have a second carrier board, but if you do, then I’ll suggest checking for recovery mode when mounted on a different carrier board.

NOTE: You can clone from any carrier board even if the software for running was intended for a different carrier board. A unit won’t run entirely correct on a different carrier board until adjusted for the new wiring layout, but cloning and recovery mode won’t care about that.