Alternate gcc install Fedora 31

I’m running tensorrt, and I upgraded to Fedora 31. Now I have gcc 9.2 which is not compatible. Fedora 29 repo has gcc 8.2, but I don’t see how to install this as a second compiler, and I’m afraid to try and uninstall gcc 9.2, although I have lived with gcc 8.2 for a while. There is no Fedora binary available at gnu. Does anyone know how to install an alternative gcc compiler on Fedora? I’ve tried to get devtools8 from “Software Collections” but I can’t get it to work.

You can download gnu tools and build from source. It’s not particularly difficult. I won’t be able to provide a tutorial but I’ve done it myself several times, its easy to get started with just a google search. After that there really isn’t anything to install. Just invoke the compiler from where you built it.

Did that, thanks